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Buying a boat

Why Should You Buy With A Professional Boat Broker?

We Know the Boats, We Know the Industry

We also know the excitement that's involved when purchasing a new vessel. That's why we do what we do! And that's why we are proud to share with you our extensive maritime knowledge and our unparalleled access to the international boat market. Through our brokerage association memberships, co-brokerage relationships, and our YachtWorld broker account, we make it possible for you to look at boats you might otherwise miss out on. We share your excitement and are here to help guide you to your perfect boat. 

We Handle the Technical Stuff 

Let us handle the paperwork and legal logistics so you can focus on the important part - finding your perfect boat. Let us organize all your documentation; handle the negotiations, money transfers, and sales taxes; assist you with financing, marine insurance, liens and title acquisition; finalize closing paperwork, and anything else you might need.

We Are Here When You Need Us

We are available to explain and answer questions about the entire process, from how to find the right boat, to making an offer, including the sea trial and survey, to sitting in the cockpit of your new boat. Our relationship doesn't end as you drive your new boat away from the dock. After your purchase you can call on us anytime. We're here when you need us for any questions you have. We also offer private instruction to help you build any skills necessary to feel confident and comfortable operating your new boat, as well as delivery and passage assistance.

We Know Buying a Boat Is a Big Investment

We have decades of experience in the maritime industry which allows us to recognize a good investment from a costly one. We will work closely with you to make sure that you have all the information necessary to know exactly what you are buying to ensure it fits your specific budget. We will help you secure a professional marine survey to determine the vessel's current condition, and we will work with you to explore financing options. 

Seller Pays Broker Fees

There is no cost for a buyer to work with a boat broker. The seller pays all brokerage fees. Fees are negotiated between the selling broker and the buying broker and are deducted from the total sale price. Working with a professional boat broker offers every advantage for finding your perfect boat!

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