selling a boat

Why Should You Sell With A Professional Boat Broker?

We Represent You

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients. We believe this is done by working hard for you, being honest, and being available as we work together to find the next owner of your boat. We work with you to get to know your vessel, create a listing, advertise your boat, field all correspondence, show your boat to prospective buyers, attend the sea trial and survey, handle all paperwork and documentation, title searches, taxes and transfers, and ensure an honest and transparent relationship between the buyer, the broker and the seller. 

We Get You Maximum Exposure 

Our brokerage is connected to the global marine community. Your listing will appear on YachtWorld, Multiple Listing Services (MLS), on our website, 48 North, boat shows, and through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

We Are Constantly Investing in Our Online Presence 

We incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, and Google Analytics advertising and tracking systems to maximize your boat's exposure on the global market.

We Provide Yacht Quality Photos and Video

We use a variety of professional media equipment to capture your vessel at her finest. All vessel listings with Port Townsend Boat Company include a high-quality photo gallery of your boat as well as a video walk-through. This alone will set your boat apart.  

We Can Help Prepare Your Boat For Sale

Whether you want to sell your boat “as-is” or are looking for recommendations for bringing your vessel up to “bristol quality”, we will guide you through the process of getting your boat ready to sell.  Contact us for the "Preparing Your Boat for Sale" checklist.

You Maintain Control of the Price

We work with you to estimate a value on your vessel. We’ll provide you with a market-based valuation and the most recent comps for similar vessels sold. But in the end, you set the price. It’s important that you feel good about the asking price of your boat, which holds so many memories and so much of your hard work.

If It Doesn't Sell, You Don't Pay

If we can’t find a buyer for your yacht on terms acceptable to you, we don’t get paid.